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Facility and Services




Blanketing: $150/month

Graining Stall Horses: $150/month

Graining Pastures Horses: $200/month (horses are taken out of pasture)

Turnout: $120/month

Full Body Clipping: $150.00

Trace Body Clip: $120.00

Grooming (5 days per week for a non training horse): $200/month

Trailer Parking: $80/month

Lessons: Start at $80/hour

Sale Videos: $100/video (upload to youtube videoing and riding)

Trailering: 0.60/mile if under 25miles a $25.00 hookup fee will be charged.  

Hand Walking: $15/ 30 min intervals or a monthly fee of $325.00

Accuscope:  $250.00 startup fee

$75.00/ maintenance fee (recommended twice a month for competing horses)

$100/ extended sessions

Infared Light Therapy: $150.00/month or $20.00/session


Stall Boarding : $700

Stall Ammenities: 12x16 stalls with attached paddocks

Heated Waterers 

Horses Fed Three Times Daily

Stalls Cleaned Daily



Pasture Boarding:  $550/month

Private Shelters with 40' run: $650


Pasture Ammenities:

All Pastures have a shelter

Horses Fed twice daily when there is little or no grass

Horses fed three times daily when snow is on the ground

All Pastures have heated waterers

We are also fortunate to grow our very own Timothy Grass Hay!!!

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